Bluetooth Smart interface

for Coffee Machine
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Wireless control of a home
or office appliance.

1. Design

2. Make

3. Product

1. Project details:

Branch: Home Appliance

Technology: Bluetooth Smart, 2,4GHz RF

Tools: GCC

2. Customer need:

Provide a wireless interface for Coffee Machine which allows Mobile Application to start and show progress of products as well as statistics reading and maintenance status. Support of accessories based on legacy 2,4GHz radio protocol (Milk Container). Extend the number of connected peripheries at the same time (currency detector, etc.).

3. Solution:

Developed firmware for nRF51 chip. Up to 6 wireless accessories can be supported simultaneously. Concurrency operation of proprietary 2,4 GHz protocol (accessories) and Bluetooth Smart (Mobile App). Developed test software to evaluate and demonstrate features.

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