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Building Automation System
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BAS improves occupant comfort, provides efficient operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and operating costs.

1. Design

2. Make

3. Product

1. Customer need:

Automatic and centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and access control.
Each device has to be communicated into 3rd party
Web-based software.

2. The challenge:

1. Distributed network system.
2. A lot of electronic devices was being developed
    in parallel.

3. Solution

Designed and developed hardware and software
of below devices:
* Room Controller (3xRS-485, 2xInput, 2xOutput)
    support of Samsung Air Conditioning Devices
* Light Controller (1xInput, 2xOuptut, 1xRS-485)
* Heating Controller (6xOutput, 1xRS-485)
* RFID Tag Reader (13.56MHz RFID Read, 2xLED,
* BAS Network Controller (1xEthernet, 2xRS-485)

Project Details

Branch: Building Automation

Technology: Ethernet, RS-485, RFID, HTTPS, RESTful,
                           JSON, AVR, ARM

Tools: GCC, Altium Designer, IAR, PHP                                     Symfony2

Designed and developed communication protocol which defines two roles - Node and Route. The protocol provides identification and access to devices connected directly to Network Controller as well as devices those behind Room Controller.

By using HTTPS, RESTful, JSON technologies BAS Network Controller provides exchanging data interface with each devices in the network.
Light scenes, temperature, access to the rooms etc., are managed by Web-based Software.

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