Automated Vehicle Localisation Device

Prototype of Invention
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An example of Proof-of-Concept development. Vehicle Location Device with Bluetooth 2.0.Most interesting feature is providing, via Bluetooth, the Internet access for Tablet.

1. Design

2. Make

3. Product

1. Project details:

Branch: AVL, Telematics, Automotive

Technology: Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, SMS

Tools: Raspberry Pi, Linux, NOOBS

2. Customer need:

Transmit vehicle localisation data in real-time directly to the server via cellular network and to the Tablet via Bluetooth. Receive SMS with coordinates and send them to Tablet. Allow Tablet to access the Internet over Bluetooth 2.0. Firmware update over cable connection with PC. Follow the patent specification „The way of information-signal transmission”. Power supply from Car Cigarette Lighter Socket.

3. Solution:

Hardware based on Raspberry PI 2B with GPS, Bluetooth and LTE module. Designed and developed software for Raspbian Linux. Developed Android Application, according to requirements, in order to evaluate and demonstrate prototype's features.

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